Reflection of Topic 3

authetic-pic                                                                           (Kisner,  2015)

My blog this week was clear, to the point and well approached. Like me I realised many people didn’t understand the importance of authenticity before this topic. Therefore, I approached this week’s blog by explaining the theory and importance whilst giving some tips on how to make a blog authentic. One way to think of it, is marketing yourself. How do Apple brand their products? They make you want to buy their phones, right? That’s how you have to market yourself! Professional, Authentic and Unique.

What I have also learnt is that many people will have different views, take for example Will Knapman who has consistent social media accounts that are linked, allowing him to have several means of validating his online presence. A point that intrigued me from Will’s response was, “I would reply by asking why we need to be ‘controversial’ to enjoy the online world,” but we cannot define these boundaries for everyone. What is seen to be controversial?

Whilst we are constantly advised to have a social media account to network and stay on top of things, this is no longer an advantage but more seeming to leave room for error. The link below shows the importance of having an authentic and professional presence even for top positions. If you read the requirements for the job advertisement for Lyle and Scott’s CEO, “a modern, tech-aware retail CEO who is social media literate.” (Ross, 2015)

While many think it is a good idea to have multiple accounts, it is in fact Facebook’s regulation that you are not allowed more than one personal account (Facebook, 2016). So ideally, have fun on social media and think about it from a third person’s perspective if they saw your social media account.

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(Ismail, 2013)


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