Reflection – Topic 4


(ACFE, 2016)

This week’s topic gave allot of flexibility on what to discuss. I focussed my blog post on the integrity of employees on social media within the work place.

I do think the individual should use their own judgement especially in the modern day where it is all about having a competitive edge. However, I have learnt that there are people who do not act with integrity on social media but thrive, a prime example Kanye West. For celebrities of his stature “all publicity is good publicity (BBC, 2006),” as the controversial posts gain publicity and bring attention to him and his Yeezy brand he is able to gain more “business.” Then again how many of us fall in his category?

After reading Tiffany’s blog I picked up on her point that really most of us have not read all the terms and conditions…even if companies were to offer a social media policy term sheet what is saying that they will read it? The point that I have picked up on is that a policy would inform individuals and hold them responsible and liable for any controversial posts. Strict guidelines would help to reduce the ethical impact of unfair dismissals as the employees have signed to abide by the terms and conditions.

Another aspect I found extremely intriguing is that many people focussed on different ethical issues including the digital divide, something I did not appreciate until this week. Individuals not having access to computers in the UK and even abroad put them at a disadvantage of understanding the social norms of social media. Some may not understand the ethical stance of what should and should not be posted as they are unfamiliar with the web.




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