Topic 2 – Review


After reading my fellow piers comments, I began to realise that even though we have similar pros and cons for having multiple identities our reasoning and favour to each side differs. Whilst some such as Zach believe the positives outweigh the negatives, and others like Will feel that you don’t need more than one identity.

400 words for this topic was simply enough for a blurb, however I was able to express my opinions and understanding, shown through the comments received on my Blog.

One aspect I didn’t comment on was online anonymity, by reading my peers posts and comments I started to think about the pros and cons of this. I gained a deeper understanding that we all have different purposes of using the internet and use it differently hence will have different opinions. For example Emma keeps personnel and professional lives separate and Will keeps everything professional throughout his social media accounts.

My opinion before reading others blogs and the comments, was that one shouldn’t have multiple online identities. By reading blogs and reading further articles around the topic I would be inclined to change my opinion.

Having had the opportunity to learn that many people use the internet to express their feelings and thoughts that they wouldn’t with family, e.g LGBT society. Certain people use the internet as an escape and an opportunity to be themselves.

My adapted conclusion would be that people have the right to use the internet as they wish, with a catch though. If one in acting anonymously I think that the sanctions for cyber bullying should increase to protect the vulnerable. Furthermore I do not think it is acceptable to lure, catfish other people using a different identity, as this is negatively impacting someone else.

The importance!!!


Comments: Zach and Will


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