Reflection of Topic 1

After analysing and producing my first blog post I found some interesting comments left which started to make me think about the validity of my example of a 98-year-old lady. I have to say that after reading my fellow peers Allie’s and Zacwhu’s comments I do still believe that Clara Cannucciari is a strong and solid case to disagree with Presnky’s theory of her being a native. However, in hindsight I should have elaborated to ensure my point was made more clear that Clara should not be classified as a Native, but instead on the continuum leaning to being a Resident due to the online social presence left by Clara.

Clara’s online trace left under White and Cornu’s theory does define her as a resident, in my opinion it isn’t about who produced or directed the video but that Clara is engaging and communicating information on the web about her passion.  The comments left were interesting and have allowed me to understand the importance of clarity to ensure there is no confusion with the message left. Furthermore, to the point about over 65’s having 55% of that demographic on Facebook, I do agree this sounds excessively high however after researching online I have found that several sources to give a similar figure of 49%.

I decided to choose this graph due to physical aspect and clarity it gives backing my point that Prensky’s theory is outdated and that the older generation have their own motivation for going on the web. I have learnt that clarity is crucial when blogging and that structure to posting must be clear. Through the comments I have gained a deeper understanding of this topic by looking into y points further which taught me how to evaluate my own work.


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